Learn German!

My wife, Barb, is from Maine, U.S.A., and while she is learning German I thought that some others might also profit from her efforts. So I constructed my veryfirst WebObjects application.

So far we have a small collection of exercise material (see below). While I hope that Barb will keep on adding more, you can also contribute!

To make things a bit easier for you, I wrote a translator which translates from LaTeX to WebScript. It is not very refined, but as long as you are not doing anything extraordinary it should work. I made some special style for the translator and some special style for LaTex. Get them, too. You will also need LaTeX and the latex2html translator (and possibly a few more, e.g., Perl, m4, ...). If you want to play with the resulting gap texts on your machine, then you also need to install WebObjects.

To get an idea what the original LaTeX input script should look like, have a look at the source texts for some of the texts I have on my server.

It would be great if you could e-mail (NeXTmail prefered) either your LaTeX source texts (I will then do the translation) or your WebScripts to me so that I can put them up on this server for all to profit from them. This way you will not have to install anything on your system: just type in the source, mail it to me, I will translate it and put it up on this server and then you can use it for your own exercises!


You are supposed to type the complete words (not just the ending) into the space after the underlined word. Here is an example:

Here are some links to other learn-German pages:

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  • German Grammar Main Menu
  • Internet Handbook of German Grammar
  • German for Beginners
  • German<->English Dictionary

    Please let me know what you think of this material. Also,if you discover errors, don't hesitate to inform me!