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For many years I am now a proud and satisfied owner of a PSION Organiser II, model LZ. Recently I saw on PSION's homepage that they have a program to generate all the holidays (fixed ones but also movable ones) for any given year. Unfortunately, that program was only for the Series3, not for my Organizer II.

Unfortunately, the source to the program was not available (I asked PSION for help, but at first they did not provide my with the source) and therefore I  did a  bit of  reverse engineering  and decoded  the format  of their data  files (deutsch.hol), which  was easy enough.  Next I wrote  my own ORGANISER  II program to  input the  data file and  produce a  new file, which can then be merged into the diary. The hard part was how to figure out  when easter  was  in any  given  year. One  can  find a  very  good collection of programs and enlightening information on the net by Marcos Montes. I used the algorithm after Oudin and the new program is even a bit better than the old one, as it does not have any restrictions on the year.

In the meantime PSION had sent me the source to their program, but since mine was already done, this simply came too late. However, I offered that they could put my program, including source, on their page. But, again, another month has gone by and I still don't see it posted to their page, so, again, I go ahead myself :-)

OK, enough said, here are the files:
First, read the readme. The format used in the holiday specification file (some could not access this file, so I make it available as a UNIX compressed file, too) is also explained there. I only made one for Germany, but it should be straight forward to produce similar files for other countries. I should also say: my file is longer than the one originally provided by PSION. And, of course, you can customize it to your delight, e.g., enter your wedding anniversary, your wife's birthday and all the other important dates in your life.

Now, finally, come the three programs. Yes, we need more than one:
The main program
A program to get the month out of the day-of-year
A function for formatting
All of them have to be transferred to your Orgi, then translated, and then you can call the main program. Give it a year and it will produce a file called h<year>.odb that can be merged into your diary.

For those who just want the holidays quickly, I already produced a few files:
1998, 1999, 2000.

Now have fun with it, and if you like it or have suggestions, please drop me a note at <hheller@gmx.de>.

P.S.:  I heard back that some browsers have problems with the OPL-ODB files. Therefore I packaged everything in one tar file.

Maybe you can help me!

I own a Psion OrgII LZ. Several years ago I tried to upgrade it to an LZ64, which is basically the same model, just with 32kB more internal RAM. I soldered in the right 32kB RAM chip and hoped the operating system would recognize it. But it doesn't. This chip is in my Orgi ever since, but I can't make any use of it! What a shame!

Perhaps there is someone out there who has either a circuit diagram of an LZ64 (I think I remember that there might have been a problem with some correct jumper settings for chip select, not sure though) or who knows what I have to do to activate this extra memory. Any hints are welcome! I would even consider burning new ROMs (that would be EPROMs) with the LZ64 operating system, if this would help (and if someone would provide me with a copy of it).

Also, I am looking for a schematic of the COMMS LINK. Any help appreciated!!
Please email to hheller@gmx.de.

I think the best Psion-page on the web is
There is a wealth of information on the Organizer II at that page -- but no circuit diagrams, sniff.

Thanks in advance!

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